About Our Founder

Using the tools I teach, I went from 38 years of post abuse brokenness that lead to over a decade of major depression and unemployment, to managing a retail establishment full-time. I heard it said that being in remission is an opportunity to re-mission (return to the mission [purpose] you were given before your sickness began). My mission is Matthew 28:19. With God, nothing is impossible.

~ Shenica R. Graham, Founder / President / CEO of My Psych Teacher University

About Our Founder

Shenica R. Graham is the Founder / President / CEO of My Psych Teacher, My Psych Teacher University, GSyndicates Media, and GSyndicates Enterprises. She is passionate about education. holding a B..A. in Psychology and B.A. in General Studies. She is currently a student in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship. Shenica has over 30 years combined experience in online writing and teaching. She teaches biblical and psychology courses, specializing in spiritual development and mental health disorder recovery.

Shenica began having symptoms of mental illness as a teenager and understands many of the issues that complicate challenges facing youth and adults including suicidal ideology. She approaches mental health from both patient and life coach perspectives. She has tried therapy, prescription medication, and spiritual development. She found that a combination of these treatments, rather than a sole solution, was the best way to make positive progress with her conditions of major depression, bi-polar disorder, and schizophrenia.

After years of repeat hospitalizations, it was spiritual development that had the most lasting effect on her condition. Today, Shenica serves the mental health community by sharing her overcoming testimony and offering courses that help students develop practical coping skills and rise from effects of mental illness. She empowers students, teaching them to achieve breakthrough and resilience.

Philosophy of Teaching

All students can learn when empowered to benefit from the unique needs of the learning community. Shenica’s teaching style is adaptable to various learning styles and open to student energies of inquiry, expression, and exploration. She trains her students to be accepting of themselves and of others. They will each be empowered to reach his or her highest potential.


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