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Thank you for your interest in teaching at My Psych Teacher University (MPTU). My Psych Teacher LLC is the parent company of MPTU. It conducts all interview processes and hiring for MPTU. Positions fill quickly. If you are interested, do not hesitate to apply as soon as possible.

My Psych Teacher LLC hires only the most qualified professional psychologists and psychology teachers to lead courses at My Psych Teacher University. Our teachers are trained in their respective psychology professions and also must complete coursework specifically on teaching as an online educator. We equip our teachers to be successful in imparting knowledge to students in the virtual classroom environment. Our teachers also complete diversity training and work with students from diverse backgrounds.

As announced August 12, 2020, My Psych Teacher University will offer free psychology courses to the online community from Spring 2021 to Spring 2022. Classes will be taught by our highly qualified teachers. Premium courses will also be offered at industry standard reduced prices. Students enrolled in free courses will have the same access to free services that are offered to students with premium enrollments.

Free services for all students will include online profiles and course progress / completion tracking, academic tutoring, completion certificates, transcripts, help with scholarly publishing, and complimentary mental health counseling from licensed professionals. For students who show financial need, tuition and fees will be waived. Costs will be underwritten by donations from our loyal fans and supporters.

For now until Spring 2023, we will hire volunteer instructors or unpaid interns who are willing to grow with us, to teach free courses and have first consideration for paid roles as they become available. If you are interested in volunteering, submit your resume and cover letter to university @ mypsychteacher.com, with the words “ATTN: TEACHER APPLICANT” in the subject line.

View open positions at https://mypsychteacher.com/careers/.

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