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We are Hiring!

We are currently hiring teachers for our online university. This page includes frequently asked questions from applicants.


Question: What specific subjects(s) will I be teaching?

Answer: View our courses list.

Question: How do I apply?

Answer: Submit your resume and cover letter to university @ mypsychteacher.com, with the words “ATTN: TEACHER APPLICANT” in the subject line.

Question: Why am I required to submit an introductory video?

Answer: My Psych Teacher University is built for the 22nd Century. We are innovative and developed to reach students who are adept to learning in the virtual realm. Our sites are optimized for mobile education. We bring the classroom to our students wherever they may be.

Your introductory video is a test to see if you can create video content, as this will be part of your job as an online teacher with us. It tells us if you have the aptitude, equipment, and charisma that you need to be successful in our virtual model. We are looking for media savvy teachers who will integrate easily with our procedures.

Please use these tips when creating your video.

Question: Will my introductory video be public for all to see?

Answer: This first video is not for public viewing. It is for evaluation by the hiring committee. Your introductory video is a test to see if you can create video content, as this will be part of your job description as an online teacher with us. After you are hired, you will create an introductory video for student viewing, each time you teach a new course.

Question: Why do I need to have a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter account to be a My Psych Teacher?

Answer: Our business strategy depends heavily on social media. Thus, we require our teachers to have and use social media platforms to help promote the courses they teach. This is another way to reach potential and current students. It also helps us promote you as a teacher, as we include your social media links in our advertising efforts to help you get more students.

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