We may not be responsible for the world that created our minds, but we can take responsibility for the mind with which we create our world.”

~ Gabor Mate

About The Addiction Psychology Department

The Addiction Psychology Department at My Psych Teacher includes courses that align with APA Division 50, Society of Addiction Psychology, and the National Addiction Studies Accreditation Commission (NASAC).

Addiction Psychology Courses

This department currently has 15 courses totaling 36 credit hours.

Course IDCourse NameCreditsFeesDetails
MPTUO2aIntro to Psychology of Addiction3DonationDetails
MPTUO2bHistory of Addiction Disorders, Prevention and Treatment3DonationDetails
MPTUO2cSubstance Related and Addictive Disorder Counseling3DonationDetails
MPTUO2dInterpersonal Communications3DonationDetails
MPTUO2ePsychology of Recovery3DonationDetails
MPTUO2fTreatment Admission3DonationDetails
MPTUO2gClinical Assessment3DonationDetails
MPTUO2hInformation Management and Record Keeping3DonationDetails
MPTUO2iOngoing Treatment Planning3DonationDetails
MPTUO2kPrevention and Case-Management3DonationDetails
MPTUO2lPsychological Pharmacology and Physiology3DonationDetails
MPTUO2mDischarge and Continuing Care3DonationDetails
MPTUO2nLegal, Ethical and Professional Growth Issues3DonationDetails
MPTUO2oAdministrative and Supervisory Skills Internship3DonationDetails

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