The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

~ Carl Jung

About The General Psychology Department

The General Psychology Department includes courses that align with APA Division 1, The Society for General Psychology. MPTU General Psychology courses offer introductory level scholarship and training for and about general topics in psychology. It promotes creation of and coherence among the diverse specialties under the umbrella of psychology. Students get a robust introduction to the field of psychology and its many branches. Get a diverse introduction to psychology in the world today.

General Psychology Courses

This department has 8 courses totaling 26 credit hours.

Course IDCourse NameCreditsFeesDetails
MPTUO1aIntro to Psychology3FreeDetails
MPTUO1bIntro to Biological Psychology3DonationDetails
MPTUO1cIntro to Cognitive Psychology and Memory3DonationDetails
MPTUO1dIntro to Health Psychology
(This course is cross listed in the Health & Wellness Department)
MPTUO1eIntro to Human Developmental Psychology (covers prenatal, infant, child, adolescent, and adult periods)5DonationDetails
MPTUO1fIntro to Social Psychology3DonationDetails
MPTUO1gIntro to Statistics in Psychology3DonationDetails
MPTUO1hIntro to Sensations and Perception in Psychology3DonationDetails

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