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MPTUO1a: Unit 1 Videos
Week 1 / Unit 1

Watch these videos for Week 1 / Unit 1 of the Introduction to Psychology course.

Introduction to Psychology Videos

Perspectives in Psychological Science Videos

  • Intro to Psychology: Crash Course Psychology #1
    This Introduction to Psychology video introduces students to the definition of psychology and gives a brief history. One question for students is whether or not they notice any similarities between the notable psychologists in the history of psychology. You can then move to add information on female psychologists or psychologists of color or ask students to do some research and teach their classmates about non-white male psychologists. (Here is an edpuzzle of the same video but with pop up questions. Closed captioning available.)

Research Methods, Measurement, and Statistics Videos

  • Mean, Median, Mode
    A funny song that teaches the concepts of mean, median and mode. Closed captioning available.
  • Methods 101: Random Sampling
    Accurate, concise description of random sampling. Closed captioning available.
  • Correlation Vs. Causation
    Great video from Freakonomics about polio and ice cream. Closed captioning available.
  • Ted-Ed: How to spot a misleading graph
    Thinking critically is an important skill within the science of psychology.  In this Ted-Ed video, you’ll learn more about why we should be critical thinkers when analyzing data.  A variety of discussion and assessment questions are included with the video (free registration is required to access the questions). Closed captioning available.
  • Psychological Research: Crash Course Psychology #2
    This video on research methods covers the different categories of psychological research including observational studies and experiments. Closed captioning available.


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