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Shenica R. Graham is the Founder / President of My Psych Teacher University.

My Psych Teacher University

provides quality education and mental health services for businesses and individuals.

Available services include faith-based mental health counseling, independent publishing, and small business consulting.

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Faith-Based Mental Health Counseling

We offer faith-based counseling services for people who need support on their mental health journey. Our counselors are qualified to serve you both in the field of psychology and in the world of faith. You do not need to suffer in silence. You can reach out and receive help.

Independent Publishing

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MPTU is an Independent Publisher. We provide publishing opportunities for teens, women and minority authors. We specializes in electronic publishing. For quality solutions to all of your publishing needs, learn more about our services.

Service Details

From author and book promotion to author website design and marketing on social media and via email, we’ve got you covered. You provide your photo(s) and your manuscript. We do the rest.

Small Business Consulting

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We offer a professional small business consulting service designed for mental health professionals and those with a mental health disability who are or want to become entrepreneurs. The goal of this service is to guide and support you as you grow your small business. It will help you to overcome obstacles and avoid pitfalls that new business owners traditionally make.

Request a free consultation today.

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